ImprovisArt CD appears on record under the Italian label, Sheva

Pianist János Balázs compiled his program ImprovisArt for the Cziffra Memorial Year, introducing it to countless parts of the world for the 100th anniversary of George Cziffra’s birth. It now appears on record under the Italian label, Sheva. The album release concert took place in the Liszt Academy of Music on November 15th 2021, under the “MVM Concerts The Piano” Series. This was the first time the entire program can be heard in Budapest! The piano concert continues the romantic tradition of pianists and composers passionately improvising, and writing transcriptions of well known songs and operas. The program ranges from Liszt to George Cziffra, as well as through János Balázs’ own improvisations, presenting the 200 year practice of the performer becoming the composer’s companion.

“Whoever has seen the artist, certainly, took part in a completely incentive and unique concert. János Balázs rivetingly serves 21st century classical music interpretation with the highest technical preparedness. He has the ability to touch the audience, thereby washing away the distance between performer and listener. His original thematic concerts and programmes have the power to reach young individuals and the masses, all in the name of promoting classical music.” (excerpt from the publisher’s recommendation)

György Cziffra’s spirit, and thus the Lisztian approach and tradition, return to the stage, as this unique interpretation based on the freedom of performers goes back to Ferenc Liszt. Liszt, through his student István Thomán, reached Dohnányi, Keéri-Szántó, from whom György Cziffra himself could learn and teach the new generations.

“I believe that we, performers, are messengers: we send a message to the audience, towards the acceptors. The message, which we received from above, or what was born from the influence of music, must be transmitted to the listeners in a way that it might be decoded.” (János Balázs)

János Balázs


Transcriptions and paraphrases by Busoni, Liszt, Cziffra and Balázs

Track List

  1. J. S. Bach- Busoni: Prelude & Fugue in D major, BWV 532 (12:03)
  2. Wagner-Liszt: Isolda’s Love Death (7:15)
  3. Schumann-Liszt: Widmung (4:22)
  4. Liszt-Balázs:             Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 (7:05)
  5. Saint-Saens-Balázs:          The Swan (2:22)
  6. Rachmaninoff-Balázs: Vocalise (6:555)
  7. Puccini-Balázs: Lauretta’s Aria  (4:24)
  8. Mendelssohn-Liszt:     A Midsummer night’s dream (10:38)
  9. Brahms-Cziffra-Balázs:   Hungarian Dance No. 5 (4:05)
  10. Brahms-Cziffra-Balázs: Hungarian Dance No. 6 (2 :45)
  11. Ponce-Balázs: Estrellita (3 :34)
  12. J.Strauss-Balázs: Reminiscences Paraphrase (6:24)


  1. J. Hill-Balázs:                         Happy Birthday Maestro Georges Cziffra

(Variations in the style of Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt and Gershwin) (2:30)