PianoPlays – Etudes to the Works of Liszt and Wagner (excerpt) Passage – Beethoven Symphony No. 7
Balett Győr

We wake to a strange day, the start of the celebration period. And while the celebration lasts, no-one can have a life other than to live by the rules of the celebration. However,  a girl doesn’t want to take part in this. We are delighted to confirm that the much-anticipated new home of the dance profession will be opened by Ballet Company of Győr on 16 February. We will be celebrating with the adaptation of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, entitled Passage. During this celebratory evening, we will also perform excerpts from PianoPlays –Etudes to the Works of Liszt and Wagner, with the co-operation János Balázs pianist.

Age limit: 14

PianoPlays –Etudes to the Works of Liszt and Wagner (excerpt)

Assistant: Zsuzsa Jónás Zsuzsa

Costumes: Gabi Győri
Dramaturgy: Alexandra Csepi
Lighting: Yaron Abulafia
Pianist: János Balázs
Choreographed by László Velekei

Passage – Beethoven Symphony No. 7 – (première)

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
Assistant: Zsuzsa Jónás Zsuzsa
Sets and costumes: Mara Bozóki
Dramaturgy: Alexandra Csepi
Choreographed by László Velekei
With the participation of Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem Zenekara

Artistic Director: László Velekei
Director: János Kiss János

More information: National Dance Theatre