Program: Kodály Sonatina, solo sonata, Chopin: Cello-piano sonata

For the pianist Chopin, it was a trip to componate for cello in the last years of his life, the celloist Kodály, however composed his best instrumental pieces in his early years for this instrument. The world-famous István Várdai and János Balázs, who is a few years younger than him, play together for the first time- just as old as Kodály composed Sonatina and the Sonatas a little later.

Chopin’s cello-piano sonata is rarely heard in a concert hall, it is a real specialty: he wrote this to his friend, the excellent chirpist Auguste Franchomme, with whom he also presented the last three batches at the last public concert of Chopin on February 18, 1848 – It’s also a piece of music released in Chopin’s life. Kodály Sonatina and mainly Solo Sonata are among the most well-played instrumental works of the author, with the half-hour length of the last piece, with its incredibly expressive and unique solutions, it is one of the most difficult and most beautiful opuses of Cello literature.

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