Program: Songs, Folk Songs and Piano Transcripts (Bartók, Kodály, Liszt, Brahms …)

The interaction between folk music and music is not the invention of the 20th century, even though Bartók and Kodály’s collections of folk music and the masterpieces of their influence can rightly be said that their genius has created a new quality. But Liszt and Brahms can not be remained indifferent to the melodies heard on the “road-way” – as proof for everybody, it wis enough to mention the Hungarian Rhapsodies from Liszt and the Hungarian dances from Brahms. Although these works are true classical music hits, it will be a special experience to indulge the simple melodies that inspired them.

Magdi Rúzsa may be first on stage for a classical music festival. We already know that the world of folk songs is close to her, and this concert also reveals that she can amaze the audience simly with piano music.

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