Evening of Erika Miklósa (singing) and János Balázs (piano)

For the first time in four years, Erika Miklósa and János Balázs came together in the audience to find the common voice that is both characteristical of their musical field, the opera genre and piano literature. It is self-evident that these two worlds and the two performers have found each other, as they experience the brilliance of both opera and piano in the age of Romanticism, with its flare-up again in the last century. Both artists want the audience of today to feel the musical freedom, the joy that the audience of Mozart, Verdi, Liszt or György Cziffra could experience. The coloratura soprano, who was elected a member of the Society of the Immortals last year, builds her program from arias, popular songs and virtuoso transcripts with her partner Kossuth Prize-winning pianist without any genre restrictions.


Verdi: Masquerade Ball – Saper vorreste…, (Miklósa Erika, Balázs János)
Puccini-Balázs: The Aria of Lauretta (János Balázs)
Meyerbeer: Dinorah – Ombre légère (Miklósa Erika, Balázs János)
Strauss: The Bat – Laughing Aria (Erika Miklósa, János Balázs)
Strauss-Cziffra-Balázs: Reminiscence paraphrase (János Balázs)
Liszt: If my dream is deep (Miklósa Erika, Balázs János)
Ponce-Balázs: Estrellita (Balázs János)
Gershwin-Balázs: Improvisation (János Balázs)
Gershwin: Lady be good (Erló Miklósa, János Balázs)
Monnot: Anthem for love (Miklósa Erika, Balázs János)
Piazzolla: Yo soi Maria (Miklósa Erika, Balázs János)

Outdoor concert in the courtyard of the castle

(Joint program of the György Cziffra Memorial Year and the Esterházy Castle)