The concert picks up on the legacy of the Romantic Era when pianists and composers would enjoy improvising and re-arranging popular excerpts of operas or songs. The programme ranges from Bach to Franz Liszt and to György Cziffra and János Balázs’ own improvisations and presents the 200-year tradition of the performer becoming the composer’s partner in the creative process. By doing so, the Hungarian pianist wishes to draw the international audience’s attention to the legitimacy of improvisation in classical music while also paying homage to the pianist György Cziffra born 100 years ago.

/The György Cziffra Memorial Year held in 2021-22 was included in the List of Anniversaries Recommended by the Executive Board of UNESCO. Concerts in honour of the Master are offered in Hungary as well as in the most significant cities of the music world./


Balázs: Improvisations

Wagner-Liszt: Isolda’s love-death

Schumann-Liszt: Widmung

Saint-Saens-Balázs: The Swan

Liszt-Balázs: Hungarian Rhapsody no. 6

Rachmaninoff-Balázs: Vocalise

Puccini-Balázs: Lauretta’s aria

Brahms-Cziffra-Balázs: 5th Hungarian dances

Brahms-Cziffra-Balázs: 6th Hungarian dances

Ponce-Balázs: Estrellita

J.Strauss-Balázs: Reminiscences paraphrase