Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra of Women Orquesta Filarmónica de Mujeres, Paola Ávila, Eva Quartet, János Balázs János, Teresita Gómez

Programme: Liszt: Hungarian Fantasy,  Adolfo Mejía Navarro: Pequeña suite, Íntima: Symphonic Poem, Pedro Morales Pino: “Suite breve” for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

This concert with orchestra will be performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Women by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota (OFB). It is divided into two parts, the first part focuses on the theme of the Festival with the participation of the Eva Quartet, while in the second part, classics of Colombian music will be performed. The repertoire will include pieces by Adolfo Meja and the special participation of Teresita Gomez as soloist.