Program: Donizetti, Verdi, Strauss, Piazzola arias, György Cziffra transcriptions and improvisations.

Three voices, three virtuosos of three genres, three very different personalities – connecting them, the improvisation ability and the curiosity for new musical areas. The world-famous soprano, the self-violent violinist and the pianist who has lifted the improvisation to the podium has never assembled for a full concert – now it turns out what happens when three separate explosive materials are combined.

For Erika Miklósa and János Balázs, however, this is not the first music excursion together, one of the most successful concerts of the Cziffra Festival of 2018 was their ZongOpera’s production – the audience will not be disappointed this time either. Lajkó Félix and János Balázs are already an old, combed pair of musicians, their many musical adventures have been realized in records for many years, and since then we’ve been able to experience countless unforgettable concerts as well, when as virtuosos they are the reaching the limits of their own instruments.

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